the tileHØuse

a mosaic retreat near joshua tree, in wØnder valley

w€l©øm€ to the tileHøuse


Cradled inside and outside by a mosaic made of Mexican tile, smalti, handmade p€®®y hoƒƒmAn ceramics, tile and fused glass, found desert tiles, found objects, stained glass and ceramic bric-brac, THERE  you find yourself situated in complete silence, watching the desert light crawl across the vast and intricate landscape which is ALL around you.

p€®®y hOƒƒmAn has been working on his roadside attraction/museum/gallery/magic spot/moSaic house since it began in 2000. Eleven years later, 800 sQ ft was added and appx 2500 sQ ft of mosaic applied and grouted. Glass fused baubles, hand made ceramics and a magical desert. Still a giant work in progress. Looking to complete the outside walls with the assistance of beautiful donors and art collectors and possibly kickstarter. This desert homestead turned beacon of love vision is waiting to reach the stars.

The Tile House sits in the middle of the vast and open desert. You need not walk two feet to be a part of the wilderness, now it is up to you to look around both micro and macro and see what you can see here. Jack Rabbits, Cottontails, Ravens, Scorpions, Desert Iguana, Snakes, Gambel’s Quail, Lesser Night Hawks, Owls, Coyotes, Roadrunners, Sphinx Moths and Kangaroo Rats, flash floods, dust devils, lightening storms, sunsets, summer rains, empty roads, wildflowers and cacti

Yoga at the indoor Buddha fountain

Yoga at the indoor Buddha fountain

are some of things you might happen to see. So see what you can see. Walk gently in nature. At night, absorb the clear starry skies and August and November meteor showers.

You are ironically completely alone in the middle of nowhere and the center of the universe.

This is the home oƒ artist, p€®®y hOƒƒmAn… however, p€®®y does open his home for art exhibits and to the wayward traveler.


2 thoughts on “w€l©øm€ to the tileHøuse

  1. It’s really fun giving Lorraine a tour of your house & seeing what’s new! oxox, e

  2. Hey, a great post! It combines a brush with nature and the mystical.

    It’s amazing what humans can get up to when they are not involved with wreaking death and destruction upon each other. Someone should mention this to our leaders!

    Give me creativity not killing anytime!

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